GentleGuest, Map your world, live your way

GentleGuest is a mobile application that meets the needs inspiration, organization and daily life of the traveler.
GentleGuest enables all type of visitors to quickly and intuitively access the services offerings from their hosts.

You move?

Whether you are traveling (tourist or business), expatriate, freshly landed in a new city or if you just want discover a new way of looking after your neighborhood, your region or your country, GentleGuest responds to your situation

This application enables you:

  • to access editorial content, practical services and cartographic functions ;
  • to plan your travels ;
  • memorize your addresses ;
  • to share your best memories with your loved ones ;
  • to be kindly guided on your travels.
Do you welcome visitors?

Whether you are a guest house, restaurant, town hall or business, GentleGuest allows you to:

  • to have access to an extended audience to share your know-how ;
  • Highlight the attractiveness of your history and the strengths of your region ;
  • to communicate in the languages of your visitors ;
  • better manage the flow of travelers ;
  • Promote respectful, ethical and value-creating tourism for all ;
  • To get fully into M-Tourism (mobile e-tourism).

Designed to be easy to use, with a refined design, GentleGuest accompanies travellers and the curious at any place at any time.

Our innovation? To offer you quick answers to your needs for inspiration, organization and daily life

The story of GentleGuest

GentleGuest is the answer to a simple starting need. On a business trip to Beijing, letting me be guided by a Chinese friend, I was lucky enough to discover a fabulous lacquered duck in a setting far removed from the usual stereotypes.

My immediate reflex was to look for a way to freeze this moment, this dish, this place, to have the opportunity to share it one day with my best friends. This basic idea of storing addresses and being able to easily share them with friends has become a concept and then a project.

GentleGuest, it is the amplified memory of the sweet flavors of the world discovered thanks to our guests.

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