My career

About me

I started my career as sales representative in a subsidiary of AT&T by offering companies payroll management and manufacturing management solutions. With the technical teams, I discovered the atmosphere of a project where everyone brings their skills to the service of a common cause : The success of the customer’s project.

It has become obvious to me that, when used properly, technologies can have a huge leverage effect on the quality of services provided.

From there was born a passion, and of my life, I never had the impression of working.

After being Chief Information Officer in the industrial and pharmaceutical areas, for 15 years, I decided to launch my own structure.

With WOOGGAA, I put my experience at your disposal to facilitate all your transformation projects.

I help you build, organize and manage your operational projects, whether they be classical, digital, transversal or international. I also operate to realign your project in difficulty. Lastly, I facilitate the exchange between your company ans the external Information technical players.


But, to do that, how do you guarantee that I keep an eye on the latest technologies? How to prove to you that I am a driving force of success? How can you be sure that I understand your entrepreneurial issues?

Relevant questions that have a simple answer : by practice. In addition to WOOGGAA, I continue to learn by driving my own digital projects. Technical, ethical projects, providing value-added services and garanteeing respect for the pricacy of everyone. An example? GentleGuest.

GentleGuest is a multilingual, fast and intuitive application based on interactive maps.

GentleGuest give you comprehensive support as well in your travels at the other side of the world as in your neighborhood. It helps you to find good places wherever you are. Each place can be discovered from different thematic clusters, presented by tourism an hospitality professionals.
This apps meets all your needs of inspiration, organization and daily life.


If, like me, you are attracted by the service approach ans its evolutions, if you consider that a service is designed only if it serves women and men’s interest, if you see technology like as a means not as an end, so I hope that this site and this blog will be useful to you.

Olivier Loyau-Tulasne